In our ranch we have five beautiful barb/arab stallions.

Each one has his own character. 

All of them have enough spirit to please the experienced rider.

Some of them are also very suitable for beginners because of their quite and kind nature.


barb/arab stallion - 11 years old

Sultan has been the our most faithfull companion and is at the ranch since 5 years.

This 'golden boy' is also refered to as 'Barbie' sometimes.

He's a very reliable and calm horse, ideal for beginners. With more experienced riders he likes to show he's still a fast runner.


barb/arab stallion - 3 years old

Although his young age, Rigolo is a very reliable horse. He's very respectful towards his rider. He can be afraid of water or 'new' things sometimes, but when you encourgae him, he'll follow you (and his fellow horses) without any problem.

Rigolo is very good with kids. With more advanced riders he feels that he can be a bit more 'crazy'.


barb/arab stallion - 8 years old

Henry is the prince of the stable. Before he was used for breeding, so whenever he sees other horses he gets a little excited. Other then that he's a real joy to ride. He's easy to handle, has nice forward pace and trot and likes to gallop. 

Henry is reserved for the advanced riders, since he has a bit of an unpredictable character when there's other horses around and you should be able to always keep a good distance.


barb/arab stallion - 6 years old

Prudent is a real leader.

He likes to set a (fast) pace in the front. Yet he's very controlable and easy to handle. He's very respectful and therefor suited for beginners. But he also has lots of spirit and advanced riders love him for his forward character.


barb/ arab stallion - 5 years old

Zjacher is a very sensible horse. He needs a confident rider that gains his trust and then he's a real joy to ride. He's one of our more active horses. He can be a real 'dancer' sometimes and is always eager to gallop fast. He's for sure the fastest of our ranch!

Zjacher is a very sweet horse and very respectful to his rider. 

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