We work with predominant 'Barb' horses.

This local breed is a North African riding horse with great hardiness and stamina. It is closely associated with the Amazigh (Berber) people of the Maghreb and has influenced a number of modern breeds, including many in northern and western Africa, but also Andalusian and Lusitano breeds.

Despite its importance as a progenitor of other breeds, the Barb is less renowned than the Arab, possibly because it was considered a less attractive-looking breed. In other important qualities, the Barb has the same stamina and endurance, the same ability to thrive on meager rations, and the same sure-footedness and speed over short distances. The Barb also was valued for its "strong, short-coupled body, perfect for collection — the posture that makes weight-bearing easiest for the horse—its eagerness to learn and its gentle nature."

It makes them the perfect 'Endurance' horse and an ideal partner for walks along the beach and trekking of several days.